Save The Empire

by Anchors

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released March 18, 2016

Brad Briggs - Bass VI
CJ Morse - Guitar
David Black - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Summerhill - Drums



all rights reserved


Anchors Valparaiso, Indiana

David Black
Cj Morse
Brad Briggs
Jason Summerhill

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Track Name: Smug Muscle
you've always seemed to have a way with your words
talking around all the facts its obsurd
you've got everyone wrapped around your fingers
but I'm not biting
id like to see you crawl back to your cage
with your tail tucked between both your legs
my god i swear that'll be the day
i start believing

close your eyes
dream on
of better days

i wonder just how much it would take
to show you you've made such a grave mistake
walking a line you can't balance on
id watch my step
if i had half a mind id take you down
make you kiss the dirt
put you in the ground
but i won't waste my time
yours will come around

close your eyes
dream on
of better days
Track Name: Enso
four in the morning
heavy eyes
you will find
we are all blind
dawn in the distance
you will find
there is no time

palms to the pavement
battle cries
leave your bones to dry
take the choice with stride
god couldn't save me
I'm still alive
you will find
love will never die

hold on, wait on me
hold on
Track Name: Rebel Dogs
Don't wake me
Keep it going
Leave it to the day to wash away
Rebel dogs
Late at night we know we've got some time
To get it right
We're wasted on the night
We always go
Too far with it
Go and get it done
But you can't cause you got too high
Wasted in the shade
We won't ever change

Where do we wake up?
Heaven knows
How could i have ever known
You won't
If you wait in line you're going home
I can't just leave and go alone
stared at the sun for so long
I can't go
I'll never know
The taste
The light
Track Name: Moonrise
rise and shine
the light is creeping in
and mornings grace
is slipping in without a sound
the day is yours
the earth is humming
the day is young
and the wind is blowing through your hair

the land gets cold
the night is creeping in
its quiet now
neither of us making sound
the land gets dark
the moon forgot to rise
the time has come to do more than just think about it
Track Name: Dreams Be
Swing baby low
Swing down and carry me home
Leave me alive
So I can dream a new lie

take what you need
set me on fire
leave me to die down by the riverside
but i'll try to free you

an eye for an eye
limb for limb
ill take what i need
leave you to die
set you on fire
you were just a bag of bones
never much more
just kept you behind eyelids
but you tried to free me

an eye for an eye
and i can see again
limb for limb
and i dream again
we did what we did
to feel free again
leave me alive all night

but you've lied for the last time
so ill try to free you
Track Name: Where's the Armor?
should've left it all along
packed it up and headed home
but you thought luck was on your side
she would guide you through the night

but luck wouldn't have it
you're stuck in the corner
then you're running in circles
lost in the temple
now the pressure is rising

i hunt you down like a dog
like a stray out hunting in the dark
you never stood a chance in hell
cause your old school is too old

tired of the secrets
and my god damn cheat codes
where is the armor?
i know its here somewhere
where the fuck is the armor?
Track Name: Kicking the Gift Horse
sail on for another land
stake your claim before another man
leave the rest behind
no one gets out alive

why should we weap for the weak
if its only in their minds?
by tomorrow everything will change
we'll all be laid to waste
to fall and rise
to rot and decay
a war is calling

so long
so long are the days
and i don't know if we'll make it out
i don't know if we will survive