The Fleet

by Anchors

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All songs written and performed by Anchors

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered By Black/Anchors


released December 3, 2013

David Black - vocals, guitar
Brad Briggs - bass
CJ Morse - guitar
Matthew Buist - guitar, piano
DJ Field - drums



all rights reserved


Anchors Valparaiso, Indiana

David Black
Cj Morse
Brad Briggs
Jason Summerhill

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Track Name: Imam
"We fell in love and never said a word
We watched the waves crashing down
I was lost in you
You were bored with me
Lost in you
Bored with me

How many times will we run around the track?
And never cross the finish line?
You slow down
And ill catch up
You speed up
And i fall behind
Fall behind......

Fall in line"
Track Name: Brothers
"Captured in this land
Two of the same
One can remain
Have mercy on me

Though we may be brothers
I will strike you down if I have to
I will take you to the ground

Now you know where you stand
Down below the animals
Down below me

Relinquish our father's name
I will hunt you down if I have to
I will take you to the grave
And weep while shoveling the dirt
Burying my only brother
Just to save me"
Track Name: Carry On
"Their bodies were temporarily aligned
There was no reason why
To explain why mountains fall
Across the sky at night

She said "Wait I've got to know"
He said " I've to go, destiny is calling and I'm not sure
If I can handle everything she's throwin' but I've got to try
Yeah I've got to try to carry on."
Track Name: Actions
"Actions are louder then the words you speak
Darling you better get your story straight.
You Start with the end and finish with the middle
Leaving everyone behind

Bare feet creeping in the hallway
Morning in your eyes
I tried my best to protect you
But you were too far out of reach
From me
Come home
Bring me peace so that i may sleep
All through the night"
Track Name: Wide Eyed
"Now we lay down
With our bodies on the floor
Nowhere to go
What was it all for?
Was it what you wanted?
Was it what you needed?
I wouldn't know by now.
I never knew at all.

Lost in the dark
The blackest night follows the light
Each and every time

Wide eyed never will you feel alive
Its been to long these days
Nothing gold seems to stay
Maybe its here
Just enough to keep you down"
Track Name: Brown Bear
" Wildest one where have you gone?
The farthest part unknown

Typically you waste the light
And always choose the night
To risk your life
And always make good time
I never saw the light

Righteous one sitting high
Raise your hand
None of us hide

If its such a waste of life
Then hold hold yourself tonight
And risk your mind
In fear of whats inside
I was there to lie"
Track Name: Distance
"Please wait for me
Im on my knees
Wont you stay till morning?

Lay down with me
She says with such sincerity
And honor flowing through her tone

Follow me
I'm fading fast carry me
From one side
I see the possibility
The other seems so bleak"
Track Name: Distance Pt. 2
"Home was further then you thought it would be
Now a days you'll always find me in the shadows
hiding from the world ive come to fear

What a way to find the love you left behind you
Wild fires all around and broken bottles
Fade away

I happen to know how to survive
But i am never too far behind
I've been waiting for this day

Morn' never seems to bring any change
at least its never what you wanted"
Track Name: Thieves
"We held on to everything
We had left on it's own
We've been out trying our luck
We speak of love

We've been lost out at sea
For years wasting away
Trying our luck on our own
They say we breathe like a thief
In the night
I will take your life"